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ALLO® 10/1,5 Mbps Internet + Téléphone

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HD TV, Computer, and Phone


Group Subscription Promo

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Get a monthly $1 rebate on both accounts as long as you stay with us. Both will also save an additional $5 on the purchase of a modem.

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Sign-up for ALLO TELECOM Cable internet services and we will reduce the activation* fee of $99.95 to 49.99$. This promotion is for a limited time only, some conditions apply.


– You must transfer an existing active account with a competing Cable Internet provider and give us a disconnection date booked at least fifteen days from your order.

– The account you transfer from must be active at the same address.

– You must live in the province of Québec


Sign-up for Allo Telecom Cable internet services and we will reduce the activation* fee from $99.95 to $85.00. For a limited time only, some conditions apply.


– You must order any Cable internet plan.

– You must be a new client at the address of the order.

– You must live in the province of Quebec

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ALLO Frequently Asked Questions

How does ALLO Internet compare to cable?

ALLO is the fastest Wi-Fi available from any provider.2 With cable, you can end up sharing your Internet connection with up to 500 of your neighbors. Not the case with ALLO.

Order ALLO and see the difference for yourself. More people choose ALLO than cable.

Can I make local and national calls with ALLO Digital Voice?

Of course! ALLO offers a variety of plans for your convenience. Choose the plan that’s right for you. Get unlimited local, regional and long distance calling nationwide, and to Canada and Puerto Rico. ALLO Telecom also offers International calling plans at affordable rates.

Can I still watch my favorite shows on ALLO TV?

ALLO provides many viewing features to ensure you never miss your favorite shows.

  • Access thousands of On Demand options.
  • Add premium channels to your plan.
  • Record multiple shows at once .
  • Watch from any room in the house.
  • Fast-forward, rewind and pause recorded TV.

How is ALLO installed?

Call now to learn about ALLO availability in your area.

After you order ALLO, a specialized technician will decide if your home needs additional cable installed. ALLO experts make your installation a painless process. ALLO Telecom will make sure your connection is ready to use.

More questions? Call our ALLO Experts now!

Unfortunately, the chat team can only assist new customers. Please contact Allo Telecom customer service to make any changes to your existing account.


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