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ALLO Digital Voice provides the quality of Regular landline phone. And ALLO Telecom is Canada's top-rated phone service.1

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Unlimited Local Calls

$ 9
99 /mo
w/ 1-yr agmt plus taxes, equip. charges.2 price with any internet bundel.9

ALLO® unlimited Calls+ Home Phone

Calls Voice Over IP network come through crystal-clear!


Starting at:

$ 12
99 /mo
Price after discount. Plus taxes, equip. charges with a 1-yr agmt. that auto-renews.1

Add Internet

Pay Only 9,99 $

  • Unlimited Local Calls
  • 15 phone Features
  • 2.99¢ / minute Canada & USA


Starting at:

$ 16
99 /mo
Price after discount. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges with a 1-yr agmt. that auto-renews.1

Add Internet

Pay Only 11,99 $

  • Unlimited Canada Callz
  • 20 phone Features
  • 2.99¢ / minute to USA


Starting at:

$ 19
99 /mo
Price after discount. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges with a 1-yr agmt. that auto-renews.1

Add Internet

Pay Only 16,99 $

  • Unlimeted Canada & USA Calls
  • 20 phone Features
  • Best International Rates

Email To Fax

Starting at:

$ 19
99 /mo
Price after discount. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges with a 1-yr agmt. that auto-renews.1

Add Internet

Pay Only 14,99 $

  • Unlimited Incoming Fax
  • 100 Outgoing FAX
  • 4.50¢ Per Additional Page
Fiber Optic Cable

What’s so great about ALLO?

ALLO Digital Voice is just a part of the larger picture. The ALLO Telecom network carries lightning-fast Internet and incredible TV. It delivers an upgraded home phone experience, too. Cable and Glass fibers no thicker than human hair carry data faster.

It’s all yours, with digital phone from ALLO Telecom!

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Get Great Calling Features

A clear connection isn’t all you get with ALLO Digital Voice. Get more than 20 calling features. Set specific rings for family and friends and call block. You can manage much of your ALLO phone features online, too.

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  • Caller ID With Name
    Caller’s name and phone number are conveniently displayed on your phone.
  • Call Waiting With Caller ID:
    You can accept a second call when you are already on the phone and place the first caller on hold. Allows you to see who is calling on a second incoming call so you can decide whether to take the call or send it to voicemail.
  • Voicemail and Message Notification:
    User-friendly voicemail system so your callers can always leave a message if you do not answer. Visual indicators for messages waiting.
  • Remote Voicemail Access:
    Access your voicemail when you are away from home, so you can always stay in touch.
  • Caller ID Block:
    This allows to make a call and not have your name and phone number displayed to the person you are calling. This can be very useful when you want to protect your privacy.
  • 911 Dialing:
    Safety is important and your VMedia Home Phone comes with an emergency 9-1-1 service that is similar to the traditional 9-1-1 service.
    Learn more.
  • Online Account Management:
    Advanced online account management tools and information in your ‘My Account’ that you will appreciate. Everything you need to do or find is right there.
  • Access Numbers To Save Long Distance Charges:
    Use our special ‘Access Numbers’ to access your Home Phone account and make long distance calls from your cell phone when out of your home or travelling.
  • Call Forwarding (unconditional):
    Forward your calls to another number so that you never have to miss any of your calls..

  • Enhanced Call Forwarding:
    You can also set up call forwarding for specific circumstances , i.e. after a certain amount of rings , when the line is in use, or when phone is off line.
  • Do Not Disturb:
    Allows you not to be disturbed with call ringing and have your calls go straight to voicemail.
  • 3-Way Calling:
    This allows you to have a conference call with up to 2 other people.
    Learn more.
  • Call Transfer (Blind):
    Transfer any calls to another phone number while you are on a call. If you are talking to someone and you want to transfer the call to your cell phone, you can do so and keep talking. Or if you are on a call with one person and want to transfer them to another individual, you can transfer the call and they will be connected. You can transfer calls to a cell, landline or VOIP number.
    Learn more.
  • Call Transfer – Attended:
    When you want to transfer any calls to another phone number while you are on a call, you can notify the desired party to be transferred. This is done by putting the caller on hold and dialling the desired party, then notify them, and if they choose to accept the call, it is transferred to them.
  • Keep Your Number:
    You can keep your current phone number when you sign up for VMedia Home Phone and you can even keep your number if you move across the country. Our Home Phone makes it easy to move – all you need is an internet connection. No need to deal with getting a local phone number.

99% network reliability sounds great

Mobile phone service is flexible, but signals drop and connections can be interrupted. Dead zones render it impossible to dial out or receive calls. With ALLO Telecom home phone, our network connects dependably.

ALLO Digital Voice gives you unlimited domestic minutes. Talk as long as you want, on a crystal-clear line you can depend on.

  • SET preferences for all calls
  • TURN features on and off
  • CHECK your call log for recent ingoing, outbound and missed calls

ALLO Telecom Home Phone Plans:

ALLO Digital Voice

  • CALL FEATURES: More than 20, including Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voicemail, and more
  • UNLIMITED CALLS: For local, regional toll and long-distance calls in Canada

ALLO Digital Voice Per Minute Plan

  • CALL FEATURES: More than 20, including 3-Way Calling, Speed Dialing, Caller ID and more
  • LOW RATES: Pay just 5 cents per minute to numbers in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico

ALLO Phone Features

  • Unlimited domestic residential calling: Keep in touch with loved ones coast to coast
  • Call features: More than 20 intuitive features
  • Crystal clarity: Every call, every minute
  • Online manager: Adjust your call features to fit your life

Fonctions Téléphone


  • Caller ID

    See the name and number for most incoming calls.

  • Call Blocking

    Set your phone to automatically reject telemarketers and block up to 10 numbers from ever ringing.

  • Call Protection

    Block your information from appearing with your outgoing calls.


  • Voice Mail Via Email

    Receive a text message or email when you get a new voice mail.

  • Call Forwarding

    Have your calls forwarded up to three numbers, one at a time.

  • Stay Connected

    Get call logs of your most recent incoming, outgoing and missed calls, plus sync your calendar with your home phone!


  • Manage Anywhere

    Listen to your voice mail, return calls, manage call forwarding and more from your ALLO TV, PC or Droid smart phone.

  • Increased Control

    Send calls directly to voice mail, or screen callers with a "Do Not Disturb" message.

  • Multiple Numbers

    Get up to three additional phone numbers for the same phone and assign distinctive rings to each (additional charges apply).

TV, Computer, and phone

C'est encore moins cher avec un Forfait Duo!

Ajoutez Allo Internet pour sauver plus encore!

Nos Forfaits



    Hundreds of channels, brilliant HD picture quality, plus the flexibility to watch where you want.

  • ALLO Internet

    The fastest3, most consistent and most reliable Internet.

  • Bundle and Save!

    Get ALLO TV, Internet and Digital Voice!

10/1.5 Mbps Internet + Home Phone

$ 49
99 /mo
w/ 1-yr agmt plus taxes, equip. charges,& other fees.2
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Get Unlimited Domestic Residential calls with ALLO Digital Voice

The ALLO Digital Voice Plan gives you:

  • More than 20 intelligent phone features
  • Unlimited local, regional toll and long-distance calls to Canada

Bundle Phone

Make International Calls with ALLO Digital Voice

Don’t spend a ton to connect with your loved ones across the globe. With ALLO Telecom Home Phone, you get low rates for calls placed to other countries.

Bundle Phone

TV, Laptop, and Phone

Bundle ALLO Digital Voice with ALLO Internet and ALLO TV

On their own, ALLO home services lead the industry. Together, they’re an integrated entertainment and communications network! Experience the fiber optics difference. Save on the services you want for your home – Bundle ALLO today!

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